Increase in the market price of stocks, bonds, commodities ( commodity), or other assets. Bloomberg Financial Dictionary

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I. advance ad‧vance 1 [ədˈvɑːns ǁ ədˈvæns] adjective [only before a noun]
done before an event happens:

• A small fee is charged for this service and advance notice of at least two weeks is required.

• A fair-minded employer will usually give employees plenty of advance warning of possible redundancies.

  [m0] II. advance advance 2 noun [countable]
1. an amount of money paid to someone before the usual time, or before a piece of work has been completed:
advance of

• We could offer you an advance of £1,000 and the rest on satisfactory completion of the book.

advance on

• He had received an advance on his wages.

ˈbank adˌvance BANKING
money lent by a bank to a customer:

• The primary source of finance has been bank advances.

2. an increase in the amount, level, or price of something:

• UK stocks have risen sharply, with further advances expected.

bank advance in

• Analysts forecast a 6% decline in Italian car sales and an 8% advance in French sales.

  [m0] III. advance advance 3 verb
1. [transitive] if you advance someone money, you lend it to them or give it to them, perhaps before they have earned it:

• Patrons advanced sums of money for building an art gallery.

advance somebody something

• Random House had advanced him the money to write a book.

2. [intransitive] FINANCE when the price of shares, currencies, goods etc advances, it increases:

• Gold prices advanced slightly in early trading.

• Crude oil advanced $2.88 a barrel.

advance against

• The dollar advanced against the yen.

3. [intransitive] FINANCE when profits or sales advance, they increase:

• Pre-tax profits advanced 4% to £8.4 million.

• First-quarter sales advanced 36%.

4. [intransitive] FINANCE when a company advances, its profit increases:

• The company advanced 19.5%, lifting net profits to 1.25 billion rupees.

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advance UK US /ədˈvɑːns/ noun
[C or U] an improvement relating to a particular activity or area of knowledge: »

Doctors believe that the findings represent a major advance in treating heart disease.


The government's White Paper embodies the hopes of those who believe in the advance of the digital age.

technological/medical/economic advances »

What has been the impact of technological advances on the securities markets?

advances in sth »

Advances in drilling and production technologies have significantly reduced the risk of a major oil spill.

[C] FINANCE money that is paid to a person or organization before the usual time or before a piece of work is finished: »

Loans and advances usually represent the single largest asset of most banks.


Publishers generally pay an advance once the author finishes the manuscript.


The US singer will receive a $17.5m cash advance on signing the 10-year contract.

[C] FINANCE, STOCK MARKET an increase in the price or value of something such as a share or a currency: »

Declining stocks easily defeated advances 413 to 302.

advance in sth »

Every one yen advance in the Japanese currency's value against the dollar could reduce current profits by as much as five billion yen.

in advance (of sth) — Cf. in advance of sth
advance UK US /ədˈvɑːns/ verb
[I or T] to develop and become successful, or to make something do this: »

Biotechnology continues to advance at a rapid pace.

advance to sth »

She eventually advanced to vice-chairman of the bank.

advance your career/interests/position »

Some employees decide to study for an MBA in order to advance their careers.

[I] FINANCE, STOCK MARKET to increase in value: »

On the New York Stock Exchange 1,128 issues advanced and 1,057 declined .

advance 5.5 cents/8p/10.9 points, etc. »

The general stock index advanced 1.94 points, or 0.04%, to 5291.45.

advance against sth »

The dollar advanced against the Japanese yen.

[I] to increase in number, amount, or value: »

Overall, consumer prices are advancing at a modest rate.


Pre-tax profits advanced 10% to €252m.

to suggest a new idea or plan to a group of people: »

Measures advanced by the General Assembly included reducing vehicle carbon-dioxide emissions.

advance a plan/proposal/theory »

Several proposals for reform were advanced by members of Congress.

[T] FINANCE to give someone money before the usual time or before a piece of work is finished: advance sb sth »

Two weeks ago I hired him, and advanced him $10,000.

advance sth to sb »

Evidence shows that lenders are becoming more discriminating in advancing loans to borrowers.

[T] to change the date or time of an event to an earlier one: »

No plans were made to advance the board meeting.

advance UK US /ədˈvɑːns/ adjective [before noun]
done or made before something else happens: »

Critics argue that advance planning would have little impact on final policy decisions.

advance knowledge/information »

Having advance information can be a powerful tool to negotiating a rate on a loan.

advance bookings/sales/subscriptions »

Advance sales are down by about 3%.

advance notice/warning »

Federal laws require companies to provide advance notice when laying off workers.


Russell has been offered an advance payment of $450,000 for her next novel.

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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